The Everlasting Experience

Here at Fleur de l’Amour, we are interested in something timeless. Our roses and floral arrangements are made-to-order, and what we’ll provide is far from fleeting; our goal is for the style and design of what we provide to be as timeless as roses themselves. In that same vein, we employ a preservation technique for our roses that allows a fresh state for at least a year. We take pride in our expertly handcrafted arrangements, and while displayed in their gorgeous, suspended youth, we hope their recipients are proud too.
With our bespoke floral arrangements comes a service that has captured hearts for centuries. Fleur de l'Amour offers not only voluptuous roses and master care in each arrangement, but we also see to the tradition of flower sending, adding a touch of sweetness in one’s gift. While we do deliver nationwide, we are especially proud to provide hand delivery in the Chicago area. And with each delivery comes a Victorian era styled box, with the intention of having that be a keepsake as well.
The mere idea of a gift is a special thing; it implies thought and care towards a person or group, and effort put into showing it. But when a gift is long-lasting, aesthetically-captivating, affectionate, and symbolic in the way that our roses are, it is sure to be treasured. We care about being a part of this gift, and doing so at a price-point that will show our level of understanding. With our product and service, allow us to make your gift not only special, but remembered each time it’s passed.